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Sorry, but you see, while you were getting high and watching tv and eating edibles, Hollywood types were eating

Marijuana edibles and Cannabis edibles are good if you know what you’re doing, but all the warnings have gotten out of hand. All you need to tell people is this: If it’s your first time eating edibles, eat them at home. That’s all people need to know about Cannabis edibles, in L.A. or anywhere else.

Nothing suspicious about that. My guess is they were executed before the boat even sank, with an assassin unbeknownst to history escaping on the first lifeboat.

That was just a quick digression. Same there. And there.

But what about Cannabis and CBD and Covid Coronavirus?

LA Edibles, Cannabis edibles, gummy edibles, marijuana edibles, whatever you want to call them, the important thing is that you realize that they will be cheaper L.A. edibles if you el3ct R3pubIicans. Socialism is awesome and all the rage and everything, but until someone figures out how to fix the reality that giving something to one group means taking it from another, then it will never work. Removing incentives to produce will remove the class you are always stealing from every single time. And when the government runs out of things to steal, it starts to kill the people it deems useless.

This is readily apparent to anyone that has ever had a job, but unfortunately Karl Marx never worked a day in his life.

But what about the edibles? Oh yeah, those, go here.


Okay, seriously though. Marijuana and Cannabis edibles in LA area are the best way to go.

Moar here.

We have to fight back.

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Perhaps you have heard rumors that Cannabis, CBD, and various related substances have some effect on the coronavirus? We have no idea about that. But you should go here.

The real agenda is to genetically modify humans. Genetically modified organisms CANNOT reproduce. Then their mad scientists take complete control of all humanity and unleash robotic hell upon the world.





Don’t forget this.

And then while we are on topic, there is this sort of thing happening everywhere, Contact Tracing means separating families and kidnapping children.



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